The Science Museum and Natural History Museum had a massive Twitter argument, and we love it.


Sometimes you’ve just got to ask the big questions in life. Just as Twitter user @bednarz did on Wednesday, asking who would win in a staff battle between The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum in London.

And boy, did they both bring their best weapons.


The tweet itself was for #AskACurator day, in which people could tweet curators to find out the behind the scenes information about museums and exhibitions.

Although this question was a bit left of field, the Natural History Museum came out swinging.


But the Science Museum was not to be outdone.

And it only got WAY more hectic from there:

Eventually everyone but the museums were kinda over it:

But they kept going.


And going.

At the end of the day we think both are great, and we love the banter.

The two of them had more bones to pick though, and the tweet war continued on for another couple of hours. You can check out the entirety of the tweets here.

But we’re calling it now; we reckon this war basically just comes down to robots vs dinosaurs – and we’re gonna place our bets on robots.


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