This Humanoid Robot by Disney Can Do Mindblowing Stunts in The Air


Disney is making humanoid robots that can perform mind-boggling stunts in midair, according to TechCrunch.

Disneyland parks have incorporated animatronics into their displays for decades, but with its new project, “Stuntronics,” Disney hopes to take performing robotics to the next level.


The project was born of a research experiment named “Stickman.” Stickman was a robot who was able to perform acrobatic flips, and was essentially just an articulated pole.

With Stuntronics the aim was to create a humanoid robot which could act as a stunt double for other “hero” animatronic figures in the park.

The robot can be flung through the air, controlling its pose, rotation, and center of mass. It can even strike a superhero pose mid-flight.

You can watch it in action below:

According to TechCrunch, the robots could be used in attractions and shows at Disneyland parks, standing in for more delicate animatronics, which could not withstand being flung through the sky.

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